Members vote for Club Heathcote amalgamation

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In exciting news for Club Heathcote, the amalgamation with Ramsgate RSL has been approved following a series of extraordinary meetings and voting conducted amongst the members of both Ramsgate RSL Memorial Club and Heathcote Services and Citizens Club (Club Heathcote).

Ramsgate RSL members voted unanimously for the proposal and there was a similar result at an earlier meeting by members of Club Heathcote.

Ramsgate RSL president Sallianne Faulkner is thrilled Ramsgate members share the vision of the board of directors and management about the exciting future of Club Heathcote.

“The unanimous response from both club’s members to approve the amalgamation of Ramsgate RSL and Club Heathcote, reflects the shared value of respect and we are very excited about the future.”

“We see the amalgamation of Club Heathcote with Ramsgate RSL Memorial Club as the next step in the strengthening our successful business in hospitality, as a large and caring employer, and being able to deliver our members with the best facilities we can.”

Being a recognised leader in the local community and having proven commercial success in the last 4 years, the Ramsgate team are excited to begin the journey of reconnecting and making the Club Heathcote a key contributor within the Heathcote community.

“As a club for our community, we are focus doing our best for our members both at Ramsgate and Fingal Bay and now we welcome our members at Heathcote into the fold”.